About Us

FaxBetter is the brainchild of Eric Nashbar and his team since 2006.  We are passionate about making FaxBetter...well...better. We believe a great product should be simple and easy to use so people can focus on achieving their dreams.



Making it "just work" requires a significant infrastructure so that your faxes get delivered quickly.  FaxBetter data centers are engineered to the highest levels of reliability, with extensive systems to address security and network redundancy.  Reliability is guaranteed via a redundancy in key systems such as network, routing, electrical and HVAC.  Additionally we maintain failover systems not only in our existing location but also in a location over 700 miles away.  This enables us to guarantee at least 99.95% uptime.  


Physical Security

Keycard protocols, biometric scanning protocols and round-the-clock interior and exterior surveillance monitor access.  Only authorized data center personnel are granted access credentials to FaxBetter data centers.  No one else can enter the production area of the data center without prior clearance and an appropriate escort.  Every data center employee undergoes multiple and thorough background security checks before they are hired.


Precision Environment

FaxBetter's HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Condition) system is N+1 redundant, ensuring a duplicate system immediately comes online should there be an HVAC system failure.  Every 90 seconds, all the air in the data center is circulated and filtered to remove dust and contaminants.  Advanced fire suppression systems are designed to stop fires from spreading in the unlikely event one should occur.  All cables are securely tied down with cable racks suspended from ceilings, providing dual routes for all cables.


Reliable and Conditioned Power

Should a total utility power outage ever occur, FaxBetter data center power systems are designed to run uninterrupted, with every server receiving conditioned UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) power.  FaxBetter's UPS subsystem is N+1 redundant, with instantaneous failover if the primary UPS fails.  If an extended utility power outage occurs, routinely tested, on-site diesel generators can run indefinitely.


We think you will agree that we have the best and most reliable fax solution on the planet.  We invite you to explore the FaxBetter options.

Eric Nashbar & Team