Developer Solutions

Give your application faxing power and flexibility

Our fully functional API (RESTful web services) allows you to easily send, receive and manage faxes through the FaxBetter system.

Why FaxBetter?

Fax over internet, FoIP, had formerly been unable to achieve a transmission success rate of more than 85%.  FaxBetter has redesigned the network infrastructure of the internet to enable internet faxing at an unprecedented 99.6% transmission success.  This success rate is not just theoretical, we have proved it by serving over 20 million faxes through over 20,000 DIDs across over 15,000 different rate centers around the country.  Now that the transmission success problem has been solved, you can enjoy the other benefits that hosted FoIP enables as compared to faxing via traditional copper lines aka PSTN or POTS lines.  These include:

Cost savings:

  • As low as $0.25 per month per fax line
  • Eliminate server-rack space costs.
  • Eliminate ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs.
  • Eliminate circuit and telco costs.
  • Eliminate all customer service costs, and support license and compulsory upgrade costs.
  • Reduce overall energy consumption.

Migrating to the Cloud

Sending and receiving faxes over the Internet gives your company distinct advantages over traditional faxing. In fact, replacing your aging fax servers with a cloud-based solution from FaxBetter Corporate may be the best IT decision you make this year, locking in valuable benefits for years to come, including:


  • Encrypted faxes are kept safe and confidential.
  • SaaS solution helps meet privacy legislation, such as HIPAA.

Ease and scalability:

  • Easily add or delete users.
  • Unlimited scale-on-demand means never worrying about exceeding maximum capacity.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • No additional need for hardware or software, allowing for easy implementation and rapid deployment of FaxBetter Corporate throughout your business network.
  • Full redundancy, ensuring peace of mind and smooth disaster recovery.  
  • Hands-off server maintenance and monitoring – letting you redeploy IT personnel to tasks directly affecting the company’s bottom line.
  • Easy integration with back-office applications.

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